Permanent Make-Up

Permanent Make-Up Services in Los Angeles

How much time do you spend applying eyeliner or lipliner every morning? How about filling and shaping your eyebrow? Did you know that Permanent Make-up (tatoo make-up in Los Angeles) is a safe, easy and affordable procedure? At Touch of Class Med Spa & Laser Center in Glendale, CA, our licensed and experienced cosmetologist performs expert permanent make-up application. Now you can be on you way to having the basis covered so that you save time and money.

Here are some common reasons why should consider Permanent Make-Up:

  • You constantly have to fill in your eyebrows each morning
  • Drawn-on eyebrows washes away during your hair salon appointment
  • Shape of brows are uneven
  • Eyebrows don’t grow
  • Lips are thin and undefined
  • Lip-line has begun to fade over the years
  • Shape of lips are uneven
  • Eyeliner is difficult to apply because of the shape of your eyes
  • You have allergies to certain ingredients in eyeliner
  • You often skip eyeliner and lip-liner because you don’t have time in the morning to apply

Leave these reasons behind and start living a fuller, beautiful and enhanced life with ever-lasting make-up.


Area Price
Lip Liner
Full Lips
Eyeliner (lower)
Eyeliner (upper)
Areola (each)
Areola (both)


How Long Does Permanent Make-Up Last?

Although the pigmentation process of permanent make-up lasts significantly longer than may other types of skin applications, however, you will most likely need “touch-ups” for as long as you have permanent make-up.  Touch up sessions vary depending on each person.  You should always check with a professional cosmetologist in permanent make-up to learn about your options.

What can I expect during my initial visits for Permanent Make-Up?

If you are thinking about permanent make-up (tatoo make-up), then we encourage you to make an appointment today with our licensed and experienced cosmetologist. Your plan will start with the reasons why you’re wanting permanent make-up. Next, you will discuss the shade, depth and, for lip-liner, the color.

Are touch of session included?

Yes. After your first permanent make-up procedure, you will be directed to return for a follow-up session within two weeks.