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Secrets revealed! How to look great in short-sleeve tops and skirts

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Have you always wondered how these girls in magazines and on television can wear short sleeves and look flawless? You'll never catch that "fuzz" on their arms or shoulders - so why should you suffer from embarrassing photos and pictures? There's a secret out there: laser hair removal for permanent and pain-free results!

  • Laser Hair Removal on the Arms:  With the Lumenis LightSheer Duet, it's a snap to get smoother arms.  Treatment times are fast and the process is virtually painless.
  • Laser Hair Removal on the Legs: Imagine going out without having to jump the shower to a quick shave.  No more visible razor bumps or dark hair follicles to deal with.  No more cover ups, pantyhose or leg concealer on your legs.  The laser technology at Touch of Class Medspa can help you treat the source of those painful razor bumps with laser.  The laser penetrates your skin and helps break-up the hair follicles that cause razor bumps in the first place.  Over time, your hair will shed, become thinner and less visible, and finally disappear.
Call Touch of Class Medspa today for a free consult.  Don't forget to check out their amazing monthly specials here.  Haven't subscribed yet - then sign-up now and never miss a deal again!  

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Non-Surgical Facelift: Easier and More Affordable Than You Think

You've heard of the non-surgical facelift - but do you know what's really involved? Is it really non-surgical? What are the healing times? When can you see results. Here are some guides and information about what a non-surgical facelift is:

  • A non-surgical facelift usually starts with a comprehensive consultation with a physician or nurse. He or she will evaluate your concerns with facial wrinkles, deep lines, creases and other facial flaws such as sagging areas.
  • Next, your physician or nurse will recommend a combination of Botox and dermal fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane, Perlane or Radiesse to help correct these problematic areas on your face.
  • You will return to see your physician or nurse for touch-up treatments if needed.
  • Using a combination of Botox and dermal-fillers will help correct different types of wrinkles, creases and other signs of aging.
The procedure is considered non-surgical and has several benefits:
  • There's are no surgical incisions made to your skin.
  • You can go back to work or home immediately following your treatment
  • You will begin to see results within a few days or up to a couple of weeks.
  • Results typically last 4-6 months.
If you or someone you know has been thinking about getting that non-surgical facelift, contact Touch of Class Medspa and Laser Center in Glendale.  They professionals at Touch of Class can help you plan a course of action against the signs of aging and help you look younger and more rejuvenated without the costs, risks and down-time associated with surgery.  Call 818.502.3636 for appointments.  Don't forget to check out their monthly special for Botox and Juvederm.  

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Suffering from Acne? A New Kind of Chemical Peel that Actually Works

The revolutionary Vi Chemical Peel is a new kind of peel that offers a safe and virtually pain-free treatment of acne. It's used more frequently to treat acne and should be administered by a registered nurse or physician in California. Treatments can be repeated as needed every two weeks for the treatment of acne or as recommended by your physician or nurse. In addition to the treatment of acne, you will experience a more smooth, even and toned facial appearance. Your skin will be nourished by the natural elements of the Vi Peel. The Vi Peel also soothes and helps to eliminate red, dry and flaking skin due to acne. If you're looking for the experts to help you look your best, then contact Touch of Class Medspa today for a free consultation at 818.502.3636. Plus, ask about how you can save at Touch of Class Medspa.

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Laser Hair Removal: Myth vs. Truth

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We know you've been doing your research on Laser Hair Removal. That's why we want to help you clarify a few myths about the laser hair removal treatment. We think you'll be surprised to learn what's myth and what's fact.

  • MYTH #1: It doesn't matter which laser machine you use
TRUTH: It does matter which machine you use! No two people will experience the same results - even with the same laser machine.  So image using different laser machines!  The LightSheer Duet by Lumenis is the fastest Diode Laser out there on the marketing - offering fast treatment times, no in-office preparation, and no numbing gels or creams.
  • MYTH #2: Find the cheapest laser clinic - it's all the same.
TRUTH: An established laser hair removal facility will have its set prices.  Be aware of other laser clinics that offer deals way below market value.  If you're looking for the real deal - you want to choose a place that has excellent and qualified nurses and  safe and clean environment.  All of these basic necessities to ensure your satisfaction and safety come at a cost and should be reflected in your total.  It's been said before, you get what you pay for! 
  • MYTH#3: Laser hair removal is limited in effectiveness
TRUTH: If you want results, it's important to have a planned treatment that you can stick to.  Remember, you must complete all your visits as directed by your laser technician.  If all goes well, you should be able to achieve tremendous reductions in hair.  If you're looking for a laser hair removal place in Glendale, then you've found all the best qualities possible at Touch of Class Medspa and Laser Center.   When you're ready to make your appointment, call 818.502.3636.  Their  friendly receptionist will get you started.  Don't forget to check the Touch of Class' deals for laser hair removal Glendale.

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3 Botox Secrets You Need to Know

If you've been thinking about getting Botox, these are some secrets you need to know: 1. Botox can be used to prevent wrinkles. Don't wait until it's too late. You can be young and use Botox to help maintain and improve your youthful look. If you've 18 or over, you may be a good candidate for the Botox treatment. 2. Botox is FDA approved for the treatment of overactive sweat glands. If you suffer from excessive and embarrassing underarm sweat, Botox may be a solution for you. The FDA approved treatment of overactive sweat glands in 2007. 3. Botox is affordable. Botox can be more attainable than you think. Talk to your physician about getting Botox. For troublesome areas, you may use anywhere form a few units to 30 units per area. Most medical spas will usually offer an incentive for purchasing over a certain amount of Botox - or they may offer an introductory price for your first treatment. Check with you local medspa for all specials and current prices. At Touch of Clas Medspa and Laser Center, you can be sure to find great savings on Botox and many more treatments. Call them today at 818.502.3636

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October Deals Just Posted!

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Visit our site to see the latest in laser hair removal deals in Glendale. We've got "spooky" good savings for both men and women! Get your awesome deal today and book your appointment soon! Call Touch of Class Medspa & Laser Center in Glendale: 818.502.3636

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What Are You Doing to Prevent Wrinkles? Botox May be the Answer

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We all have spent several sunny Southern California days unprotected - without sunscreen that is... Admit it, you're young, successful and having fun now. But look ahead - how do you think your skin will fair five years from now? Are you already starting to see signs of aging? If so, you may consider using BOTOX is a preventative measure towards anti-aging.

If you're over 18 years of age, you'll be surprised to learn that you can use BOTOX as a preventative tool against wrinkles and fine lines.  That doesn't mean you can be wreckless with your daily skincare regimen.  Many resources on wrinkles will recommend that you protect your face form the harmful rays of the sun and always wear sunblock or a good moisturizer with SPF. For more information and a free consultation for BOTOX treatment, contact Touch of Class Medspa & Laser Center in Glendale today: 818.502.3636.  For a limited time, they are offering a September Special on BOTOX.  Click here to see this very Special Botox Price!

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How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

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You've probably wondered how the process of laser hair removal works.  Watch this video on the LightSheer Duet - the Gold Standard in Laser Technology that will leave your amazed.  For more information and to schedule an appointment to experience the LightSheer Duet in Los Angeles, call Touch of Class Medspa & Laser Center: 818.502.3636. Don't forget to check out our specials for even greater savings!

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Hair Getting in You Way?  Getting the Real Story on Laser hair Removal Results – Does it Really Work?

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Here are some great articles to keep you in the know about Laser Hair Removal.  Do your research online and then call Touch of Class Med Spa to get your appointment.  You won't believe their amazing offers on laser hair removal - which will make your wallet happy!

  • Read this article on someone's real experience with Laser Hair Removal results on About.com.
  • Here are some talk about whether laser hair removal works or not posted on Yahoo! Answers

Hope you enjoy researching about laser hair removal!  If you have further questions, feel free to post directly and we'll try out best to get them answered.  Make your appointment with Touch of Class Medspa & Laser Center, Glendale, CA.  818.502.3636.

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September Deals 2011 Just Announced!

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Get your September Deal from Touch of Class Medspa. Check out their deal here online and print out your amazing coupon savings.

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