BOTOX of Class: Loyalty Program

All clients experiencing the BOTOX® Cosmetic therapy at Touch of Class Medspa & Laser Center will be enrolled to receive 10% off Botox Cosmetic. If it’s your 6th visit with us for Botox, then you’re eligible to get 10% off! The number of free units is calculated on the average # of units used in the previous 5 visits. The “BOTOX of Class” program is a continuous program always offered to our clients.

Before & After

At Touch of Class Medspa & Laser Center, we are very price competitive. Our price of $16 per unit has not changed in years throughout our facilities. In addition, our specials are consistently updated to all our clients to make their experience a memorable one at a great price and service, which effectively lowers the price of Botox to only $10 per unit. If there is a discount available for you, we will make sure you benefit from it.



NEW! Treatment Visualizer

Are you Visual? Try the “Treatment Visualizer” as a tool for you to use. By clicking on the link below, you will be forwarded to this site that allows you to input a photo of yourself, and see how Botox Cosmetic and Juvederm Injectable Gel can give your face a more youthful look!

More Affordable Than You Think

Still unsure about receiving BOTOX®? Worried about other people knowing that you have had Botox? Worried about loss of facial expression? Speak with our professional staff – and they will customize your Botox to meet your needs and wishes.

We suggest you try a smaller “Beginners dose” of Botox – even 20 units will give you a great idea of what Botox can do for you! You’ll love it.

Example: 20 units x $16 per unit = $320. With our current promotion of $10/unit you will receive 20 units at a remarkably low and affordable cost of only $200, and still get free Botox after your 5 visits!!

Don’t be fooled by other medspa claims of being #1. With our staff you are assured of Safety, Comfort and Quality you can count on. Our staff is fully trained in all Botox Cosmetic Aesthetic applications with over 30 years experience and the steadiest hands in the industry in injections.

Remember that Botox is a toxin, and is very safe if used properly in the right hands. Place your confidence in Touch of Class Medspa & Laser Center for optimum results you’ll enjoy.

We are located at 740 East Wilson Avenue, Suite 100. Call for Appointments (818) 502-3636