Are you heading back to school this fall or maybe just looking to turn heads with a freshened up look? Small and simple steps can make you look revitalized over night. Is your skin looking a bit dull, your hair style not much of a style anymore, or your smile not something to smile about? We have got you covered and have beauty tips and techniques that will make your peers do a double take (in a good way of course!).

Ways To Improve Your Look, Instantly!

  • New Haircut: Just a trim can freshen up your look and make you look more polished. But you can be bold and go for an all over new hair style. Be bold and cut it all off or get layers and bangs to totally transform your look. A great hair cut is essential to looking your best. Make sure you choose a cut works best with your hair type and face shape. For a head turning trendy look, add streaks of pastel color to your lovely locks.
  • Bright Smile: A white smile will immediately draw attention to you and give you confidence. For immediate results, get professional help to quickly whiten your smile. Or you could opt for using baking soda when you brush your teeth for more of a gradual teeth whitening.
  • Dress Your Size: For some reason, women think that if they can squeeze into a piece of clothing then it fits. To instantly improve your appearance, dress your size! Wear clothing that doesn’t make you to bulge out of them or aren’t too short. Choose longer tops that elongate the body, and wear pants that don’t leave you with a “muffin top,” no matter what the number on the tag may read!
  • Flawless Skin:For younger and youthful looking skin instantly, try Botox or dermal fillers. The affordable price and quick results is perfect for those looking for a beautiful flawless face in minutes.
  • Remove Unsightly Hair:Refresh your look and improve your confidence with laser hair removal. This long term solution to hair removal is perfect for those looking to remove hair in a painless and long term way. This hair removal solution improves your beauty and eliminates rashes and redness that could come from waxing.
  • Raise a Few Brows:Well groomed and high arches transform your face and improve your look. To frame your face and groom your eyebrows, try eyebrow threading, this method is virtually painless and longer term than other brow grooming methods.

Quick Beauty Tips

If you are looking for simple beauty tips that can transform your look over night, than look no further. As summer winds down and school starts up, you want to make sure you look your very best. These six tips can transform you to a more beautiful you and shock your friends on your first day of class! If you want to look great this Fall, consider booking an appointment to receive these simple and quick beauty treatments.

Touch of Class Med Spa and Laser Center, located in Glendale, CA, provides laser hair removal services, Eyebrow Shaping and Eyebrow Threading, Botox Treatments, and Dermal Filler Treatments with affordable prices. We proudly serve the City of Glendale, as well as neighboring cities such as Burbank, Pasadena, La Crescenta, and Los Angeles. For more information on laser hair removal or to set up an appointment/consultation with Touch of Class Med Spa and Laser Center, please give us a call at (818)502-3636.

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